About me

every single object in life is a work of art.

I'm a graphic designer with an acute attention to detail, a quirky conscience, and a quest to find a purpose to everything I do. I'm also an eccentric photographer that enjoys shooting people as they are endlessly lost in thought...

I shoot with nikon, digital and film cameras, pentax, mamiya medium format, rangefinders and toy cameras, even iPhone.

I work on macs, PC's, and can translate vegetable evaporators. I have a crazy obsession with reverse engineering things, or taking things apart and putting them back together perfectly, finding that I leave a screw behind. But that's OK. I use Adobe suite, I try to stay as current as I can but still drive a 2006 VW.

Here's a question that gets people every time: What inspires you?

Most people I ask can never give me a straight answer.

When you've compromised what you have written down, personal thoughts, reflections, observations... you've become a subject of mediocrity.

I'd love to hear from you! >>